Friday, 20 September 2013


Meep! ^.^

A couple of you may have heard of NG Kids MyShot? 
Well, anyway, it's a sort of share-your-photographs thing - and you can only upload photos you took yourself.
I guess the moderators search around on the internet to check the photos were taken by you...
Well, I uploaded the photos on my last post to MyShot, and then they sent me a message saying I didn't have the ownership/copyright for them!

NG! If you happen to be looking at this, those're my photos! 
I registered my MyShot account with the email
My account username is Kinyonga.
On Blogger, I have a blog called Animal Jam Times.
On blogger, my username is Kinyonga.

Don't you think that's a bit...odd? :p


1 comment:

  1. meep! perhaps some one is impostering you?

    or maybe YOU are the imposter????


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