Meep! Here's a page strictly about whatever I want to post. No one else can post anything whatsoever on here! Meep! Mwahahaha
Great! Now here's our 2012 Christmas tree!

I really enjoy taking photographs, so maybe you should take a look HERE! That's my photo blog! ;)
I'm really into taking photos of bees, flowers, dewdrops and underwater pictures right now! X3

Anyway, a bit about me!

I love cats and chameleons!
 I'm 14, my birthday is the 9th March, I was born in 1999
I live with my parents, sister and 4 cats in France.
I'm "half" French and "half" English, but I'm a lot of other stuff too! (Portuguese, Danish etc)
I like swimming, riding my bike, taking photographs, sports, reading and writing my stories!
We will be going to Kenya in August, and living there for two years, coming back to England and France in the holidays! 
Here's a photo of Treacle, sleeping half in a box!
Hehe! Cute :3

And one of Humbug, looking like a sausage! >:D
Bye for now! ^.^ 


  1. hehe Humbug the sausage! :D

  2. Lol is that Treacle in the photo outside? If yes then if my cat goes outside she will try to run away DX


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