Ze No.1 Destination for Bored Peeps

Bored? You don't need to be!

You Could...

  • Go for a walk! Go with a friend, sibling, or parent, and explore the around you! Even if you live in town, you'll still be able to run about and explore new places!
  • Write! Write a story, a poem, a composition - anything!
  • Draw! You can draw a picture of anything you like, and then hang it on your wall or give it to a friend! 
  • Sew! You can make a purse, a little decorative bag, a pin cushion - or, if you're very experienced, clothes! 
  • Play survival in your own garden! This is really fun. Find the edible things growing in your garden (herbs, fruit, rose petals...) and maybe you could even sleep in your garden in a tent, or with out a tent if the weather's fine!
  • Cook! You could make a cake, biscuits, anything! For ideas, click here!
I may add more to this list, you could also suggest some. Partial credit goes to CleverQueen!


  1. I used to love playing survival!

    I mean, I still do, but I don't get the chance to anymore, and we don't have a fantastic back yard.

    When I was friends with my neighbors (we just don't really talk anymore), we would do that. They had a little clubhouse thing in a little grove of trees, and we would crush wild strawberries and poke berries into juice and our hands would be bright purple! XD

  2. I love to draw. When I draw I feel so artistic ^.^ btw my user on animal jam is anna66631 im rare ^D^^D^D^D^D^D^D^

  3. Genious! I shall go search the house for my sewing kit... I lost it a while ago.

  4. I played the survival game with my cousins once- I didn't ever realize you posted this! :D We ate tomatoes.


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