Ze Catz

Paws, our first cat! :) Say hi Paws!
This is her now, with her kittens!

Now for Paws's kittens! ^.^

One is Clover (the smaller one - the female) and the other is Mouche (the bigger one - the male)!

Clover with her eyes open! ^.^
She squeaks...almost as much as Malteser! (see below)

Mouche, half asleep! :3

Here's Paw's sister, Samy:
Silly cat! :3

Here're her sons:

This is Treacle!
Our three-legged kitten! :) That's when he was younger, this is him a little bit older:

November 2012...

 And, now!

This is Malteser, when he was a baby!
Malteser on my mum's bed:


Malteser soon after, in a tree, as you can see!
Then we gave him away to two people with Jack Russells (cat terrorists)!
But their Jack Russells, luckily, are very friendly and adorable! :) The people sent us an email showing Malteser and one of their dogs.

And Malteser now!

 This is Malteser's and Treacle's brother, Humbug, when he was a baby!
This a humbug:
It's a kind of peppermint, black and white, like our kitten!

Here's him in November...

And him now! ^.^

Here's Humbug and Treacle together:
Cute! They were sleeping in some polystyrene boxes?!
 More photos coming as soon as possible!


  1. Aww, so adorbs! You're making me want to get a cat now!!

  2. Awww the kittens are so cute!! ~anna66631 XD

  3. Cats are my fave animal! <3
    So adorable i wish i had a cat! I want a cat more than anything else DX


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