Wednesday, 18 December 2013



Good grief, what a heck of a time has passed since I last posted O.O
Anyone still out there?
Oh well, I didn't expect anyone ^.^

Technically, I'm just posting this post for the fun of it, I suppose.

See, a few days ago me and Morning Sky / SilverDawn / StarryGem (in short, my sister) went for a walk, and we came to a part of the stream near our house where we'd never been before.
Here's a really bad drawing I did on MS Paint:
Green on the left = bank
Blue in the middle = stream
Green squiggles on top of brown square and bank = brambles
Green lines on brown square = ivy
Brown square = ancient stone wall
Weird thing on left with water in = something

Now, the "something" looks (from as close as we can get to it) like a well. We can't get closer to it and see how deep it is because the water goes up to about our waist.
Well, we could, but you know.
I saw some fish in the "something" - some small blackish looking ones.
We wanted to go back there today and cut away the brambles, but it was raining heavily and was all grey and stuff. So maybe we'll go tomorrow if the weather's ok.
I wonder what's in there...
Of course, it may just be an almost-circular stone thingy OR it could be an Ancient Roman Pit of Death with skeletons and gold and stuff in it >:D

Waddya think?


  1. I would like to think the stone circle is the second option. >:)

    It would be pretty cool :P

  2. I think that there will be a secret passage that leads to a fountain spewing chocolate coins! >:D (You know, the ones coated in foil?)
    Joking. But that WOULD be great... O.O


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