Saturday, 21 December 2013


Despite the weather, which worsened again after last night (raining, raining, raining), we went to have a look at the Ancient Roman Pit of Death / Well / Thing / Chocolate Fountain.
It turned out to be a thing, and here's how me and my sister found out...
As you can see from that photo ^ I was standing on the bank opposite the thing.
So me and my sister went back, around and came up above it. There was this weird thing:
No idea what that was O.O
Anyway, a bit to the left of that ^ there was the edge of the bank (the top of the wall), which was COVERED in brambles.
I managed to get through some of them, then I climbed onto a tree. Well, a branch of a tree. I could see it was rotten, but guessed it would hold me.
I looked over and could see that the thing had a bottom which wasn't deeper than the streambed.
So WHAT is it, exactly?
Tomorrow we'll see if we can have a closer look...


  1. bet its an aquaduct to a cistern! or an alien landing strip! or a primative road for elfen types! is it made of yellow bricks?

    1. XD
      It's made of greyish bricks ;)

    2. hmmmmm...yellow bricks lead to Oz...wonder where grey bricks lead............

    3. but truthfully, it is quite beautiful---like a place you might find fairies........

  2. Your making me jealous again. >:| You live in such an awesome place...

  3. Replies
    1. Well, that was my guess. ^.^
      I mean, why wouldn't it be a chocolate fountain? Chocolate fountains are delicious. >:D

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  6. I wish I lived in such an amazing place, its beautiful and you feel freedom with all this space. I love the outdoors ^.^


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